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Motherland Multimedia LLC is a professional organisation founded by community leader and dynamic personality in New Jersey, USA with the aim to make a connection between Matru Bhoomi Bharat and Karm Bhoomi USA. To fulfil this aim we are going to introduce a Monthly Magazine in Gujarati & English language name “DesPardes”.

DesPardes magazine launched on May 1st, 2020 on a Gujarat Day celebration. DesPardes is a monthly magazine with print version and mobile/web application for all age group easy access. We hope our little effort can connect Indian Americans to connect their mother land culturally and emotionally as well as Indian people can also connect to their brothers and sisters in USA.

DesPardes would like to invite you to be a part of this one of the best kinds of Monthly magazine in USA by giving your Advertisement and promote your business or your achievements in Indian community and inspired them to follow a path of success DesPardes.

DesPardes is a free monthly magazine of around 200 pages, which will be distributed in Tri state area with around 22000 copies available at all major Indian grocery stores, Day cares, Doctor’s office, Restaurants and Temples.

DesPardes will be your B2B & B2C partner, you can market your product to India/USA or buy a product from India/USA.

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